Welcome to the new Healthy Active Arkansas website!

After months of planning and development, we’re very happy with the results and hope you find the site useful and easy to navigate. We encourage you to take a look around.

Be sure to check out the Get Started section to find some simple, yet effective, steps you can take to help make yourself,  your family, your workplace, your community or your place of worship more supportive of healthy eating and physical activity.

If you’re ready to take a deeper dive into making Arkansas a more healthier, active place, check out each of the 9 Priorities. There you will find information on the strategies and action steps we plan to use over the course of the 10-year plan, as well as some resources you can use to help us achieve our goals.

You can also check up on the progress we’re making, via our handy Progress Tracker, or find Healthy Locations around the state.

We are always adding new resources and content to the site, so check back often.