Do it for you.


Start simple.

Write it all down

Start a food journal.

Write down everything you eat throughout the day, or use an app to track your food.

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Cut out soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks

Replace your daily soda or sweet tea habit with water, or fruit-infused water.

If you can’t quit cold turkey, try switching to diet or keeping serving sizes to 8 ounces instead of a full 20-ounce bottle.

Also, keep an eye on the sugar in that morning coffee.

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Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Reduction

Fill half your plate with veggies and fruit

Keep servings easy and straightforward by doing halfsies with your plate.

Fill half of your plate with steamed or grilled vegetables and fresh fruit (French fries don’t count!).

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Move for at least 20 minutes every day

Get your body moving and your heart pumping each day.

Make it a habit by keeping it simple and making it fun.

Try walking, swimming, biking, tai chi, strength training, or playing a sport.

Can’t find a whole 20 minutes? Try breaking it into two, 10-minute chunks each day.

Check your portions

Foods come in all shapes and sizes, but how much of a particular food should you eat at each meal? That’s where knowing your serving size and practicing portion control can help.

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