Do it for your faith community.


Start simple.

Lead by example.

Faith leaders can have an impact on the health of their religious community by modeling healthy behaviors. Try these to start:

  • Drink water instead of sugary drinks.
  • Take the stairs or park farther out in the parking lot.
  • Participate in faith-based sports leagues, or start a faith-based team for all ages.
  • Add more healthy foods to your diet.

Encourage healthy meetings and activities.

Consider how to make picnics, potlucks, cake raffles, and coffee-and-donut meetings healthier. Check out the resources at “Southern Ain’t Fried Sundays.”

Get youth involved.

Have youth groups design healthy food options for the vending machines, or plan a locally-sourced meal and invite a farmer.

Organize cooking classes.

Teach your membership and the greater community how to prepare and shop for healthy food. Check out our partners and resources page for information on who can help.

Provide breastfeeding (lactation) support to new mothers.

Breastfeeding helps to set the foundation for lifelong health for babies and moms. You can support new moms by:

  • providing a space for mothers to breastfeed or express milk
  • setting up a mentoring program of older women for new mothers
  • offering breastfeeding classes with a lactation counselor. Call your local health unit or hospital to find a Certified Lactation Consultant in  your area.

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