Strategies and Action Steps

Intro to Physical Activity in Schools: Early Child Care through College


Physical Activity Standards

Create an environment that complies with appropriate physical activity federal standards.

  1. Comply with federal guidelines for physical activity.
  2. Research and recommend a state-level system of measurement for physical activity.
  3. Provide a menu of activity that demonstrates how federal guidelines for physical activity can realistically be achieved.

Culture of Moving

Create a mindset that promotes lifelong physical activity.

  1. Promote activities that have continuity into adulthood.
  2. Create opportunities for inter-generational physical activity (kids should see the adults in the environment as well as teachers, administrators and parents).
  3. Link physical education and activity with the community through joint use agreements.
  4. Promote activities that encourage students to walk or bike safely to school. (e.g. walking school bus, bike education programs, etc.)

Team Objectives

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The Team

The Physical Activity in Schools: Early Child Care through College is led by Dr. Brett Stone, Dean of Education at the University of the Ozarks. His team features members from the following groups: Arkansas Children’s, Arkansas Department of Education, American Heart Association, Arkansas Minority Health Commission, Curricula Concepts, Henderson State University, Springdale School District, and St. Bernard’s Regional Medical Center.

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Priority 4 Team Basecamp


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