Practicing Self-Compassion

Are you practicing self-compassion today? Dr. Atkinson reminds us, “When you are going through tough times, treat yourself like you would treat a good friend who is troubled.” Listen to Self-Compassion Pause below and to check out all of our Mindfulness Matters sessions.  #KeepMovingAR!

Take a yoga break!

Yoga is a great brain break activity during the work or school day. It not only incorporates strength, flexibility, and movement, but also calms the mind and helps with attention and focus. Try out this quick 10 minute standing yoga video for all ages and abilities and #KeepMovingAR!

Cosmic Kids Yoga!

The following group of videos are perfect for preschool and young elementary aged kids and uses a creative and storytelling approach to teaching yoga and mindfulness. Take a brain break from school and go on a Frozen, Trolls, or Pokemon adventure. #BeActiveAR. Follow this link to visit Cosmic Kids Yoga  

Yoga for All Ages

Yoga is an activity that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and abilities.  If you are an older adult, new to yoga, or just want to start getting healthier, try out this 7 minute yoga routine.  It is a perfect way to #KeepMovingAR!

Yoga at Home

Yoga has numerous benefits and is an excellent activity for children and teens to do while continuing their school at home.  Yoga not only helps with strength, flexibility and coordination, it also helps with focus, calmness and relaxation.  Below is a quick video children, both young and old, can do by themselves or with a […]