Exercise Routines for Older Adults

Older adults are at a higher risk for COVID-19 and many are choosing to stay indoors during this time. However, if you are feeling well, staying active, even indoors, is essential for long term health and an immediate physical and mental boost. SilverSneakers has several activity videos geared for adults 65 and over, or those with limited […]

20 Minute No-Equipment Workout

Have you been looking for a quick activity workout that gets your heart rate up, strengthens the muscles, the whole family can do, and requires no equipment? Look no further, Amanda created this fun video and this PDF to show us how the whole family can #KeepMovingAR. UCA Department of Exercise and Sport Science.

Leg Workout With a Chair

Thank you UAMS – School Telemedicine in Arkansas – STAR for another great workout using a chair. Check out the video below for some exercises you can do to work those legs and #KeepMovingAR

Total Body Home Workout

Need a quick fitness routine that strengthens the muscles and gets your heart pumping and requires no equipment? Check out the video demonstration below for a quick total body workout you can do at home, inside or outside. You can download the pdf and #KeepMovingAR! UCA Department of Exercise and Sport Science

Ab Workout With a Chair

Thank you UAMS – School Telemedicine in Arkansas – STAR for this quick ab workout video you can do while sitting at your desk. It is also a great option for those with limited mobility. #KeepMovingAR

25 Ways to Get Moving At Home

Every little movement counts towards daily physical activity. This is another great resource with some quick ideas for kids and adults alike to build in some “active brain breaks.” Turn activity into a game, pick a number, roll the dice or kids challenge the adults. Make it count, make it fun! #KeepMovingAR

Tips from Coach Meger!

Check out this facebook page and youtube channel for some fun, quirky, creative activity videos for kids and adults alike. Remember, it is not hard to get that recommended amount of physical activity in each day if you do several short bursts throughout the day! #BeActiveAR. www.coachmeger.com

Kids Obstacle Course Workout

Looking for a way to add some physical activity and maybe a little friendly competition to these “at home” school days? Try this Obstacle Course Workout and #KeepMovingAR! https://youtu.be/NoN8_0UXsg4