March 28, 2020

March Fitness Challenge Day 5 – Squat Challenge

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Since we do not have March Madness this year, we have partnered with the UCA Exercise and Sport Science Department to bring you March Fitness!

The goal is to challenge your friends to compete in a five (5) day fitness challenge while social distancing. Here are the simple rules:

  • Choose your competition
  • Complete your bracket
  • Follow challenge rules on the PDF (download link below)
  • Check out our Facebook page or website for videos on correct exercise form
  • Tag yourself and your friends with #KeepMovingAR and/or your community (example #KeepMovingBryant or #KeepMovingUCA)
  • Remember, if you cannot be in the same house (six feet apart of course) then challenge each other with FaceTime, Zoom or other apps where you can see each other!

Day 4 is the squat challenge. Let’s see who can do the most!

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