March 24, 2020

Mindfulness Matters

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The Arkansas Department of Health, in partnership with Healthy Active Arkansas, will begin offering free 20-minute mindfulness sessions to help employees around the state stay well during this stressful time dealing with the daily challenges of COVID-19.  Tim Atkinson, Ed.D., certified mindfulness coach and faculty member at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, will conduct the sessions online via live stream.  The sessions will be offered weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Use the embedded player above, or follow this link to view the March 23 session.

According to Dr. Atkinson, “As we look for ways to solve the problems of the world, we often forget to focus on what is happening inside our bodies and minds. Stress and worry build up inside, keeping us in a constant state of tension. Research shows that taking the time to bring awareness to the way we react to the external world can move us one step forward to alleviating worry, stress, and even anxiety.  In this session of guided meditation, we practice focusing on recognizing stress and worry to re-train our mind to react in a calmer more managed way”.

Please note mindfulness meditation is a tool to help with stress and anxiety, but is not intended to replace professional mental health counseling or therapy.

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