How to Get Wider Hips

Do you have narrower hips and want some tips to widen your hips? Undoubtedly, most people crave the perfect body shape. Everyone has different parameters of beauty.

While some want a thinner waist, some want wider hips. Meanwhile, achieving wider hips is not a rocket science technique.

Well, achieving your goal of widening your hips can be a little challenging. But do not worry! Here, you will learn how to widen your hips. This page includes tips such as targeting exercises, diet plan changes, and more. Read on and start your journey to get the shaped hips you crave!

What Muscles To Work On To Make Hips Wider?

Before knowing how to get wider hips, it is important to know the muscles that make them look wider so you can target them to achieve your dream hip shape successfully. Let's discover these muscles in a tabular form:

Muscle’s Name

Muscle’s Movements

Muscle’s Target Exercises

Gluteus Maximus (Largest & Strongest Muscle) external rotation, hip extension, and stability. Lateral leg raises, side lunges, and clamshells.
Gluteus Medius (Buttocks Muscle)  pelvic stability, internal rotation, and hip abduction.  Fire hydrants and cable hip abductions.
Gluteus Minimus (Smallest Muscle) internal rotation, hip abduction, pelvic and hip stability. Lateral leg raises, side lunges, and clamshells.

How To Get Wider Hip- 11 Tips To Follow

Now that we know which muscles we need to work on, let's learn some tips for getting wider hips. These may include specific exercises, changes in diet and lifestyle, and other important aspects. 

Tip 1: Modify and Follow a Diet

If you are slimmer and want wider hips, your diet plan should be modified to gain weight to balance your overall look.

You should include healthy fat, avocadoes, nuts, and seeds for wider hips. Women should include 2000 calories per day to increase muscle weight around the hips. 

In addition, consuming nutritious foods and those with complex carbohydrates such as lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans, milk products, whole grains, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and brown rice will also be so beneficial for bigger hips. 

Tip 2: Get A Regular Butt Massage 

Regular massage of your butt is a natural way to widen the hip, but it is time-consuming. The best thing about regular butt massage is it offers many benefits to the overall body, such as reducing cellulite, decreasing belly fat, relaxing the gluteal muscles, the back, spine, and leg muscles, and preventing muscle soreness, pain, and damage. 

Doing a regular massage on the buttocks and beneath the butt cheeks with herbal oils such as coconut oil, fish oil, and vitamin E for 15-20 minutes daily to boost circulation and increase blood flow of your butt, giving you a wider look.

Massaging works best at night as it helps relieve anxiety and improves sleep quality, and leaving it overnight makes your skin soft, resulting in bigger and fuller hips.

Tip 3: Modifications In Your Routine

If you do not have time to exercise, there are some activities you can alter in your daily routine to tone your muscles, such as:

  • Climb stairs instead of a lift or elevator. It will help strengthen your glutes. 
  • Stand up straight and engage your core. It will improve your overall posture and also make your butt look more lifted and shapely.
  • Drink a lot of water to flush out your system, which will help to increase your butt size.

Tip 4: Prolonged Sitting

This is one of the easiest tips on how to get wider hips without exercise. You have to remain seated for as long as you can. Sitting for longer periods can increase the size of your butt as the pressure is pressed on the buttocks, which generates fat buildup in the surrounding areas of the hips. 

Prolonged sitting can accumulate and deposit fat on the glute muscles, making your hips wider. However, the disadvantage of prolonged sitting is that it is not good for the stomach; it can make your belly come out.

So, you also need to maintain a healthy diet to maintain the muscles of your belly and increase your butt size.

Also, prolonged sitting can affect your posture, so you must perform lower body exercises regularly, such as squats and lunges, to maintain good posture.

Tip 5: Intake Supplements

Another easy tip to widen your hips is to take supplements. Building glute muscles can be challenging, and supplements can work magic for you.

They are available on the market in different forms of vitamins and minerals as pills or powder. They work best when they are consumed with a healthy diet to fuel muscle growth. 

Most of the supplements for widening hips are made from natural ingredients. Read the label and choose the one that contains ingredients such as maca root, saw palmetto, berry powder, and soy extract.

These supplements prove to be beneficial for gaining mass on the hips and offer you your desired hip shape without exercise.

However, it is always good to get advice from your physician about how to be safer before starting these supplements. 

Tip 6: Use Butt-Enhancing Creams 

Another accessible and safest tip to widen your hips is to use butt-enhancing creams. They work in a way to increase your hip size and give you the desired shape by increasing the production of more fat in your hip muscles. 

Remember, they do not enhance the hip shape but add bulk to your muscles without exercise. They are made from plant-based ingredients and clinically formulated, promising to add mass to your butt.

They are available in the market based on your skin type; choose the one that suits your skin. However, some women may also notice side effects, so always consult your doctor before starting or applying it on your skin, and avoid using cheap hip cream products. 

Tip 7: Drink Adequate Amount of Water

Water is life and is important for your overall body. Although water does not work as carbohydrates and fats, for the smooth and proper functioning of the body, water is an essential element.

If you remain dehydrated for a long time and work continuously, whether doing household chores, office work, or intense workouts, it can lead to fatigue and reduced performance. 

Water is important for muscle growth, healthy skin, and wider hips. So, to keep your body hydrated, perform better, increase your metabolism, and reduce your calories, as water makes you feel fuller, it is advised to drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

Tip 8: Body Shaping Underwear or Tights

Another easiest tip to widen your hips is to buy body-shaping underwear or thighs that are padded. The pad makes your hip look wider and fuller, and these pads can also be removed.

Also, it is recommended to wear supportive underwear to avoid sagging and make your hips stay upright and lifted. 

But remember not to wear too tight garments so the blood circulation does not hamper. This type of underwear will instantly give good shape to your hips. 

Tip 9: Sleeping Pattern

Sleeping is important for good posture and overall body functions. Good posture is important in more than just standing and sleeping. Not sleeping in a good posture can cause imbalances in your pelvis and rotation of your spine.

Also, not sleeping properly can decrease your metabolism and make you feel tired, resulting in the accumulation of unhealthy fat and less physical activity. 

It is advised to sleep by placing a pillow between your legs and sleep for at least eight hours so your metabolism is good enough to perform physical activities; it also keeps your bowels and digestive system healthy.

Sleep in an uninterrupted way so you can burn more calories and workout effectively to widen your hips.

Tip 10: Consume More Fiber

Another tip on how to widen your hips is to add fiber to your diet. Both soluble fiber, such as barley, oats, carrots, apples, peas, and beans, and insoluble fiber, such as nuts, beans, green veggies, and wheat, are important to help in weight maintenance. The main aim of these fibers is to help the digestive system to work properly. 

Fiber promotes a healthy digestive system, which is essential for your body's tone and beautiful shape. Hence, adding fiber can be very beneficial if you are trying to widen your hips. 

Tip 11: Consider Gluteal Augmentation Surgery

Butt augmentation also referred to as gluteal augmentation, is plastic surgery of your hips in which fat is removed from various parts of your body through liposuction and added to the hip area.

You can also consider hip implants, which is the process of adding silicone slices to your hips to give a curved shape. 

However, this method is expensive and may range from $4,300 to $4,900 dollars. It is advised to consider this option at last if all the above tips do not work for you, as it may come with complications such as infection, bleeding, implant rupture, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, nerve damage, scarring, and others. Opt for this option even when exercises do not give you the outcome. 

Now, let's move ahead and learn some exercises and how to do them with step-by-step instructions to widen hip exercises.

Some Best Exercises To Get Wider Hips

You need to work on the hip-gaining muscles to get wider hips. To target them specifically, performing the below exercise will boost the hip-widening journey:


To target your glutes, this exercise allows you to work on oblique muscles, hamstrings, and glutes and help you to get a bigger butt. 

How to do:

  • Stand while making your feet shoulder apart. 
  • Start by bending your knees and pushing your butt and hips back, such as if you are going to sit on a chair.
  • Keep your chest and core lifted. 
  • Bend until your thighs parallel the ground and your weight is on your heels. 
  • Remain in the same position till you are comfortable.
  • Extend your legs, squeeze your glutes, and return to the starting position.
  • Complete 3 sets with each 15 reps.

Curtsy Lunge

To target all your glute muscles, this exercise allows you to work on the gluteus medius and enhance your motion, helping you to get wider hips.

How to do:

  • Stand while making your feet shoulder apart. 
  • Move your right leg back diagonally behind your left leg and place your foot's tip on the ground while ensuring your left leg alignment. 
  • Keep your torso upright and bend your knees. 
  • Now, rise to the top again and do the same with your left leg by ensuring the alignment with your right leg. 
  • Repeat these movements with each leg of 15 reps.

Fire Hydrants

To target your gluteus minimus and medius and work on your hip rotators and your lower body muscles, this exercise allows you to gain strength and prevent injury.

How to do:

  • Start by bending on the floor, such as if you are going to do a push-up, but keep your knees and hand on the ground. 
  • Now, engage your core and maintain a neutral spine.
  • Lift your one leg to the side while keeping the other leg at 90 degrees until your inner thighs are parallel to the ground, then bring it back.
  • Do the same with your other leg by ensuring the alignment.
  • Repeat these movements with each leg of 15 reps.


Most people desire wider hips. If you are among such people searching for ways to get wider hips, hopefully, this article has helped you.

It can be complex and challenging to get wider hips, but following some simple tips that do not cost you time and sweat can make your hips look bigger, fuller, or wider. 

We have also mentioned some of the best exercises to get wider hips. If you work on these exercises with some of the above tips, you will surely get your desired curved hips soon!


1. Can I increase my hips in 10 days?

Ans: Although increasing hip size in 10 days is complex, you can see a huge difference in your hips if you practice lower-body workouts such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, and glute bridges, 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps, each at least 2-3 times a week.

2. Why are my hips so narrow?

Ans: There can be many reasons for your narrow hips, such as genetics, hormones, bone structure, fat distribution, and muscle development. 

3. What causes hip fat?

Ans: The main cause of hip fat is fat retention. Fat cells accumulate when your body takes in too many calories, and you do nothing to burn them, accumulating fat around your waist and hips.

4. What body shape has wider hips?

Ans: Women with hourglass or pear body shapes have a smaller waist and a wider lower body. 

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