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Besides, we accept guest posts only on Healthcare, Lifestyle, Food, Nutrition, Diseases, Wellness, Drugs, and Supplements Guide. The article must be written by a professional writer who has years of experience in the Health Domain and, thus, adds value to our platform.

Benefits of Collaborating with Healthy Active

There are various benefits of collaborating with us in the long run, and these we have discussed below:

i). Social Media Promotion:

We promote every article through our social media channels (more than 25k+ followers), which helps you in reaching more audiences organically.

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If you are looking for ways to increase your brand awareness in the healthcare industry, we are the ideal platform for you. Our website has more than 70k+ traffic (both organic and paid) in Google Analytics.

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Our platform is very niche-based in the health and wellness care industry. So, you can expect relevant visitors to your website through our platform.

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After collaborating with us, you will receive quality link juice and authority to your website. We only collaborate with industries relevant to our niche.

vi). Google News Approved Website: is a Google News Approved Website That helps to increase the indexing of articles faster. You will notice that your articles get indexed within an hour after publishing.

Guest Post Guidelines 

You can go through the detailed explanation below step by step:

i). Topics:

Please keep in mind that the topics must be relevant to our industry. We don’t accept Casino/Gambling/CBD/Dating/Crypto and other posts that are irrelevant to our industry.

We accept only Health and Wellness topics that do not distract our audience from our niche. You can go through our categories and sub-categories on the homepage.

ii). Length:

The more length, the better for the readers to understand the information deeply. So, we prefer a minimum of 1000 words in each article in order to engage our readers and share the information with their beloved ones.

iii). Images:

Please include 2-3 relevant images or infographics in the article. It helps the readers to understand the information better. Besides, images with stats can help your article stand out on the SERPs.

iv). Structure:

Yes, a well-maintained structure can keep your readers engaged throughout. To maintain a good structure, include headings and subheadings in the form of H2, H3, H4, and bullet points. These are proven to avoid confusion to a great extent.

v). Originality:

After preparing your article, don’t forget to check the same in Copyscape and other paid plagiarism tools. At the same time, don’t use Chat GPT or other AI platforms to create content.

We believe that human-written articles perform better on the Search Engine Result Page than AI-generated articles. Therefore, to save your website from the penalty, try to avoid content-generating tools.

vi). Links Allowed:

We believe relevant links to the stats from the reference sources add value to the information. However, make sure that the links added must be from high-authority and trustworthy websites.

Note: We also accept Banner Ads/Image Ads on our Website.

vii). SEO-Friendly:

Do not miss this point if you are looking for ways to rank your article on the search engine result pages. Do include the Focus keywords and other synonyms, and that must be distributed evenly throughout the article.

viii).  No Grammar Mistakes

This must be strictly noted that there should be no grammar mistakes in the article; otherwise, it will be rejected by our editorial team right away. Make sure to check the article in Grammarly Premium.

ix). Language 

We accept only English Content, and it must be written in an American accent.

How to reach out to us?

    You can also submit your article to us directly to us via our email id “[email protected]” and we will get back to you shortly.

    Please note that our editorial team can ask you to make any changes if required in order to make the information more accurate and helpful.

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