How To Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism

If weight loss is the hue and cry of the digital space, weight gain is often brushed under the rug. But it's not such a distant concept for those with fast metabolisms and looking for ways to achieve healthier outcomes; it can be just as viable an option. 

To add muscle mass similarly requires strategizing and crafty planning, but that's where fitness apps like HealthifyMe come in – providing you with personalized diets, exercise regimes, and more to engineer a subtle transformation from skinny-Minnie to a bodybuilder. With its expertise, anyone can take on this ambitious journey – one step at a time. 

In this blog post, let’s take a closer look at how you can gain weight with a fast metabolism and the tools that will help you get there.

Having a fast metabolism isn't always an advantage, as those with super-fast metabolisms can struggle to gain weight.

While it may feel like no matter how much you eat, you still don’t see any changes in your size, rest assured that people with similarly speedy metabolisms all experience the same thing. 

All it takes is a few modifications to your diet and lifestyle preferences to get back on track – so don’t give up hope. Read on to find out how to gain weight with a fast metabolism and get yourself on the path towards success – both physically and mentally.

How does metabolism affect your body weight?

Being underweight carries life-threatening consequences. Fortunately, the metabolism can help us keep it under control.

With higher BMRs, our bodies tend to rage through calories, making storage and weight gain a problem of the past – although this doesn't change what research shows concerning how dangerous it can be for individuals to have a BMI lower than 18.5. 

So, remember: maintain a healthy diet to optimize your metabolism and stay away from potential illness.

Having a fast metabolism can be great – but it can also be a slight hindrance when it comes to fitness goals. To reach desired outcomes, people with fast metabolism must take extra care in monitoring their calorie intake and the kind of exercises they perform. 

If someone wants to lose weight, they should generally observe a calorie-deficit diet, whereas those aiming to gain weight may opt for a calorie-surplus one. 

Exercise routines should also be chosen carefully, as certain styles work better for some than others. As such, an individual’s dreams of sculpting their body into their desired shape are attainable; all that’s needed is effort and attention to detail!

How to gain weight with a fast metabolism?

gain weight

Here are some top tips for gaining weight when you have a fast metabolism:

1. Calculating Your Basal Metabolic Rate:

Calculating your BMR is the first step towards gaining weight in a healthy manner. Knowing your BMR helps build a strong foundation, understanding exactly how many calories your body requires during rest. 

With this knowledge, it's easy to create an eating plan and confidently begin the weight gain journey! Your basal metabolic rate is an important factor that can be used to unlock the ideal strategy for you, allowing for a safe and successful experience.

2. Creating Calorie Surplus:

Eating more than you burn can be a great way to hit your physical or health goals. A calorie surplus is about not just consuming more calories but aiming for an excessive amount most days of the week – 250-500 calories over the average. 

Tracking your progress with a calorie calculator helps give you an insight into your personal balance of calorie intake and expenditure, making it easier to stay on top and make those all-important daily decisions with rewarding results.

3. Eat More Often:

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4. Eat More Protein:

For those of us who have a fast metabolism and need to gain weight, embracing higher protein options can be highly beneficial. Not only are they packed with essential nutrients, but they also tend to fill you up faster, meaning that you don't need to consume as much to feel satiated. 

A great thing about protein is its versatility – lean meats, legumes, nuts, eggs, oats, broccoli, and even quinoa are all tasty sources of this essential macro-nutrient. By incorporating these foods into your meals in moderation and often, you'll be able to fast-track your progress and reach your body mass goals in no time.

5. Eating Energy-dense Foods:

Eating healthy is always the best way to go if you’re looking for a safe way to gain weight. Instead of focusing on calories, energy-rich foods are the key. 

Avoid junk, and instead opt for a balanced diet filled with lean proteins like yogurt, peanut butter and eggs, dried fruits, and milk. With such options, you'll easily be on your way to adding the pounds safely without sacrificing your health.

6. Eating More Carbohydrates and Healthy Fats

Eating well-balanced meals comprising carbohydrates and fats is essential if you want to gain weight healthily. Not only do they provide you with the primary source of energy, but dietary fats also help in absorbing and digesting fat-soluble vitamins for better utilization. 

These macronutrients should neither be eliminated nor oversaturated; an optimum level needs to be maintained as inadequate consumption could lead to difficulty in flexible weight gain and result in malnutrition. So, fuel up on your share of carbs and fats to stay fit.

7. Engaging In Strength Training:

If you're looking to gain weight, focusing on strength training is strongly encouraged to get the desired results. Lifting weights over several sets and with fewer repetitions will allow your body to use the extra calories consumed and turn them into strong and healthy muscles. 

Cardio and aerobic exercises just aren't the way, as this type of exercise will quickly burn those extra calories, effectively negating your mission. So, participate in strength training and reap the rewards of a great built physique.

8. Adapting to Healthy Lifestyle Changes:

Incorporating small changes in lifestyle can go a long way toward having a healthy metabolism and maintaining optimal fitness. Things like cutting down on caffeine, eating breakfast daily, getting sufficient sleep every day, and doing regular exercises” like brisk walking and light workouts can help you achieve the desired metabolic health. 

All these help in boosting your metabolism to the next level, thus acting as an ideal way for weight gain. So make sure you are mindful of these little tweaks and enjoy the benefits of improved metabolism.

9. Staying Hydrated:

Staying hydrated is an important element of gaining weight and maintaining optimal fitness. We tend to forget or overlook this point during our weight-gain journey and, in the process, put ourselves in a disadvantageous position with respect to health.

Adequate hydration helps us stay alert as well as gain healthy body mass by fueling our muscles. So make sure to keep your body hydrated no matter what you do, and always stay one step ahead of the game.

10. Quality Sleep:

Getting quality sleep is essential for faster and healthy weight gain. When we have a good night's rest, our bodies are able to recover from the day’s activities and build muscle mass in the process.

Lack of sufficient sleep can lead to an overall decline in your health, alongside reducing your efficiency level. So, make sure you get ample amounts of quality sleep to enjoy the desired physical and mental health benefits.

11. Unwind Stress:

Stress has the ability to affect our overall body function and metabolism. When we are stressed, our bodies activate the fight-or-flight response that leads to an increase in cortisol levels and causes a wide range of health issues. 

Therefore, it is important for us to adopt stress-management techniques like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness exercises, which can help.

The Importance of Staying Positive, Driven, And Motivated

More than anything else, being positive, driven, and motivated is crucial for weight gain success. Having a clear goal in mind and constantly striving towards achieving that is the key to gaining healthy weight without compromising one’s health. So, never give up and focus on your goals, as success is right around the corner if you believe it.

Final Thoughts

Gaining weight can be as much of a challenge for some people as losing it is for others. However, with proper planning, execution, and lifestyle adjustments, gaining weight in a healthy way is totally achievable.

So, don’t forget to follow the tips mentioned above, and you will have no trouble achieving your desired goals.


Q1: How many calories should I consume to gain weight?

Ans: The average person with a fast metabolism needs to consume an additional 500-700 calories above their regular intake in order to gain weight. Eating nutrient-dense whole foods, such as high-calorie protein sources, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and vegetables, is recommended for those looking to increase their calorie intake. 

Q2: What type of exercise can help me gain weight?

Ans: Weight training is a great way to build muscle mass and increase your overall body weight. Cardio exercise can also be helpful, but avoid overdoing it, as this will help you burn more calories than necessary. Aim for workouts that focus on resistance rather than endurance exercises, such as lifting weights or bodyweight exercises. 

Q3: Is it safe to take supplements to gain weight?

Ans: In some cases, supplements can be beneficial when gaining weight. However, it is best to talk with your doctor first before taking any type of supplement. Supplements should not replace a healthy diet and exercise plan; they should be used in addition if deemed appropriate by a healthcare professional.

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