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Provitalize is a thermogenic probiotic supplement that helps women with weight loss when they hit near menopause. This supplement has probiotic bacteria that are proven to help with weight loss, immunity, digestion, and other health benefits.

As we know, menopause is a big change in a woman’s life, with hormonal imbalances that may cause weight gain and other health issues. That being said, many women look for ways to manage their weight during this time.

The market is full of products claiming to give promising weight loss results. One such supplemental product is Provitalize Probiotics.

Most probiotics in the market focus only on rebalancing your gut flora and promoting the growth of good bacteria. Provitalize instead promises to specifically encourage weight loss, as well as help with relieving menopausal symptoms.

Needless to say, a probiotic specifically developed for menopausal women struggling with weight loss is a bit odd. So, does Provitalize work for weight loss, as claimed by the company? 

Keep reading to learn everything about Provitalize and its effects on weight loss. We will also explore Provitalize reviews to help you decide whether you should buy it.

Women and Menopause

Before jumping to the Provitalize reviews and its ingredients, let’s have a look at how menopause affects women

As you may know, menopause is a natural biological process that usually happens in women in their late 40s or early 50s. In the US, most women experience getting this around age 51.

It’s the time that marks the end of their menstrual cycle when their periods stop permanently due to their hormonal changes.

The symptoms of menopause usually begin to show up before 4 years of the last menstrual period. Some of the common symptoms are:

The estrogen level (female sex hormone) in the body also reduces, which intensifies these symptoms. Among these, weight gain is a common and unwelcome occurrence during menopause in women.

But Why Do Women Gain Weight during Menopause?

It’s due to metabolism.

Yes, as women get older, their metabolism slows down over time. It begins to occur at the age of 35 and starts declining year by year. That’s when it gets tricky to manage your weight. 

And the worst part is when metabolism drops and stubborn fat removal is no longer supported. 

There’s a medical way of treatment called Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), which reduces menopausal symptoms by replenishing the hormone supply. It replaces the estrogen that your body no longer makes after menopause. 

However, this treatment can be highly risky as it may cause heart attacks, strokes, or blood clots in some cases.

That’s why women prefer alternative and natural ways to deal with menopausal weight gain. Probiotic supplementation is one such natural approach, and one of the viral products is Provitalize.

What is Provitalize? 

Provitalize is a thermogenic probiotic supplement that is claimed to ease menopausal symptoms in women, including weight management. It is manufactured by the American company Body Better Co. 

This probiotic supplement comes in easy-to-swallow capsule form, which is formulated using clinically proven probiotics and natural herbs. This supplement is manufactured carefully under the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices. 

The good thing is it has no ingredients that are unsafe or harmful to anyone. So, if you want to use this product, try it out before discussing it with your doctor. 

The US FDA has not approved Provitalize, but it is a GMP-certified facility. The best part is it’s completely vegan and keto-friendly. It’s also non-GMO and hormone-free. Provitalize does not contain any allergens like gluten, soy, peanuts, and dairy, which is a bonus. 

Several Provitalize reviews have shown that many women felt positive changes in their bodies after taking Provitalize. They felt their stomach lighter and confident in their body weight. However, its effectiveness for weight loss is still controversial. 

Benefits of Provitalize

Provitalize probiotics claim to bring many benefits to the table, including.

  • Improving gut health by balancing microbiota
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • Boosting digestive health and reducing bloating 
  • Balancing estrogen levels to combat menopausal symptoms.

Provitalize Ingredients 

To understand if Provitalize is beneficial for weight loss, we need to first examine the ingredients in detail. Provialtize supplement is made of a combination of probiotics blend and herbal extracts. 

Probiotics Blends: 

Provitalize has three types of good bacteria or thermogenic probiotics, namely: 

i) Lactobacillus gasseri (L.gasseri) –

This is by far the best and most effective probiotic that is present in this supplement. L.gasseri helps in breaking down the fat from the food you eat. Here, it minimizes the fat accumulation in your body and encourages healthy digestion. 

Further, the bacteria itself helps to regulate the vaginal pH, minimizing the risk of any infections and discomfort. It has also been shown to help with weight loss in both men and women.

In fact, a randomized clinical trial discovered that this probiotic strain caused an average of 4.6% visceral body fat loss over 12 weeks. However, there was no mention of menopause in this research.

ii) Bifidobacterium breve (B.Breve) –

Currently, there’s not much research on this probiotic strain, but most of the benefits it gives are related to gut health. B. Beve is also found in human intestines and is known to help in slight weight loss by lowering inflammation and boosting metabolism.

Moreover, this type of strain activates genes that stimulate metabolism and support healthy blood sugar levels. The company claims it’s also good for soothing stomach issues and helping with irritable bowel. 

iii) Bifidobacterium lactis (B.lactis) –

Bifidobacterium lactis, also known as B.lactis, is abundant in high-quality probiotic yogurt. Lactis is yet another probiotic bacteria with thermogenic properties. 

A study has discovered that this healthy bacteria aids in body weight loss by maintaining healthy cholesterol and inhibiting inflammation.

Herbal Extracts

Apart from the above good bacteria or probiotics blend, Provitalize is topped with five active herbal ingredients that are believed to offer additional weight loss benefits:

iv) Moringa leaf (350 mg) –

Moringa leaf extract comes from the leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree. It is popularly known as the “Miracle Tree” or “Tree of Life.” It increases the metabolic process, which leads to faster elimination of excess fat from your body. 

Moringa leaf extract has high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which relieve stomach pains and prevent hot flashes during menopause.

Aside from that, moringa leaves are also beneficial for skin, hair, and heart health

v) Turmeric root extract (350 mg) –

Turmeric, another popular cooking ingredient, provides tons of health benefits. The root of the turmeric plant has a chemical known as curcuminoids, which contain curcumin. 

Curcumin has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help in weight loss by enhancing thermogenesis in your body.

It regulates blood glucose levels, lowers muscle inflammation, and improves workout performance. In addition, curcumin also helps alleviate hot flashes in menopausal women. 

vi) Sunflower Lecithin (50 mg ) –

Lecithin is a type of fat derived from sunflower seeds. We couldn’t find any medical evidence of its efficacy for weight loss. But it’s known that Lecithin works on improving cognitive function, mood, and memory – factors that can be negatively affected during menopause. 

Moreover, there’s no way that 50 mg of Lecithin will improve your gut microbiota or help you shed those pounds. You will need more of it.

vii) Curry leaf extract (150 mg) –

Curry Leaves, or Murraya koenigii, contain antioxidants that can help promote good health by reducing the damage caused by free radical toxins. These types of toxins are present in the surrounding atmosphere and many types of food.

But why curry leaves in Provitalize probiotics? This is included because it regulates and stabilizes blood sugar levels. But it has nothing to do with easing menopausal struggles or, specifically, weight loss in women.

viii) Bioperine or Black pepper extract (3 mg) –

Black pepper extract is used to increase the bioavailability of curcumin in turmeric (the active ingredient). Bioperine also helps with digestion, minimizes bloating, and improves overall nutrient absorption.

Is Provitalize Safe? – Know the Side Effects

Manufacturers claim that provitalize is totally safe and free of any side effects. But that’s not true.

Despite the presence of natural ingredients in the product, some people have experienced mild adverse effects when they start taking it. But they usually go away once your body gets used to it. 

Although rare, some people reported experiencing the following side effects:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Nausea and headache 
  • Medication interactions
  • Gastrointestinal issues like bloating, gas, and constipation

Do not consume Provitalize if you are currently taking blood thinners or any NSAIDs, as it leads to drug interaction, which may complicate things later on. Also, avoid taking it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Discuss with your doctor if you’ve any health conditions and ask them if it’s safe for you to consume Provitalize for weight loss. 

Does Provitalize Work for Weight Loss?

Firstly, let’s be clear. 

Weight loss is more than just a physical journey. It involves your emotional and mental health as well, especially during female menopause. So you shouldn’t simply focus on one supplement like Provitalize if your goal is just to lose weight.

Here’s how it may help you lose weight indirectly:

As we said, Provitalize probiotics mainly target the gut microbiome. If your gut is healthy and your digestive system is functioning well, it will speed up the metabolism.

So, when you take a Provitalize supplement, it will improve your metabolism and specifically break down those stubborn fats. As a result, you lose some weight.

So, we can say that while probiotics may have some impact on weight loss, they are unlikely to be the sole solution for burning those excess fats.

We recommend you stick to a calorie-controlled diet and exercise rather than running after pills or supplements that trick you down. 

Let’s take a look at the provitalize reviews to check if it really works for weight loss. 

Provitalize Reviews

Provitalize, manufactured by Better Body co, is marketed as a strong weight loss supplement for women who are undergoing menopause. But that’s not totally true, according to some users. 

Sure, Provitalize has some good ingredients, as we mentioned, but you could get the same probiotics from a bowl of yogurt. The herbal extracts are okay, but they are unlikely to provide the kind of benefits you would expect by looking at the marketing claims.

Better Body co has an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Many customers have given positive reviews on the Provitalize supplement, but they don’t actually seem to focus on weight loss. 

On Amazon, many users have shown mixed Provitalize reviews, stating it reduced their fat for the time being but regained their weight once they stopped taking it. Other customers have spoken about their waists getting slimmer and clothes fit them better. 

So, if you’re still in the dilemma of whether or not to buy Provitalize, we would recommend not to. You’ll find much better options when it comes to weight loss supplements specifically and also for menopausal symptoms. 

What are the Alternatives to Provitalize?

Here are some of the Provitalize alternatives you can look for: 

  • Your biology Gut+
  • Biotics 8
  • Metagenics UltraFlora Control
  • Genestra Brands HMF Metabolic
  • Bariatric Advantage FloraVantage Control
  • Estroven Weight Management
  • Menopause Relief with Black Cohosh

Note that these are probiotics supplements specifically designed for weight loss, and not just menopausal symptoms. So speak with your doctor before buying anything. 

Provitalize at a Glance

To help you understand better, here’s a quick look into the pros and cons of Provitalize:

Pros  Cons
Ease various menopausal symptoms Offers limited value
Formulated with 100% natural ingredients No effect on weight loss
Vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly Only available online at the official website
Improves gut health Results may vary
Stimulant-free Expensive 
Probiotics have a positive effect on the body. Not tested by third-party 

Final words! 

So, we have analyzed the Provitalize reviews and their pros and cons. To cut it short, Provitalize is a good supplement that comes with positive value. But if we talk about weight loss, it’s not a good choice. It’s not ideal for reducing menopause symptoms either. 

Besides, Provitalize reviews from customers showed that it is a mediocre product that may provide basic probiotic benefits to some users and do little or nothing for others.

However, Provitalize is perfect as a probiotic supplement, which might be great for promoting gut health. This supplement is also quite expensive, which is another downside. You can literally spend the same money elsewhere to give you better results. 

To be on the safe side, we advise you to check with your doctor before making the final decision about Provitalize probiotics for weight loss.


1. Does Provitalize really work for weight loss?

Ans: No, Provitalize is generally a probiotic supplement that is used for gut health. Although the company claims it guarantees weight loss, it doesn’t work. 

2. What is the best probiotic for weight loss and menopause?

Ans: Probiotics that mainly contain Lactobacillus gasseri and Lactobacillus rhamnosus are believed to be effective for menopause weight loss.

3. How long does it take for Provitalize to start working?

Ans: The company says it takes 6-8 weeks to start noticing the weight loss results. Using the course of 90 days is recommended to get the maximum benefit. 

4. Is Provitalize safe?

Ans: Provitalize is totally safe to use since its ingredients are 100% natural. However, it’s not approved by the FDA. 

5. What is the best menopause supplement for weight loss?

Ans: Some of the best menopause supplements for weight loss are Estroven Weight Management, Menopause Relief with Black Cohosh, and Remifemin. These are approved by the FDA and help manage weight gain during menopause.

6. How much does Provitalize cost?

Ans: One bottle of Better Body Co’s Provitalize costs about $49. The company also provides a monthly subscription service, which costs $39.20 per bottle (30-day supply). They also have a money-back guarantee for 90 days.

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