June 29, 2021

Baptist Health Celebrates 100th Anniversary at Public Commemoration

One of our partners, Baptist Health, celebrated their 100th anniversary this past week! Read and watch below to learn about the 100 year celebration of Baptist Health.
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“When the Arkansas Baptist State Convention incorporated Baptist State Hospital in 1921, it made a commitment to provide quality, faith-based care that continues today. Through 100 years, we have stayed true to that original mission and remain committed to delivering on that promise into the next 100 years.

“Our 100-year anniversary represents a century of responding to health needs with Christian compassion and personal concern. The story of Baptist Health is the story of people working to advance quality health care for the communities we serve, overcoming challenges to achieve significant developments in health care and being there for every single patient who needs us.”

–– Troy Wells, President and CEO of Baptist Health

Public Commemoration:

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. and other dignitaries led a commemoration event Tuesday, June 22, celebrating the event on the Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock campus. The commemoration included a celebratory video from former President Bill Clinton as well as remarks from Troy Wells, president and CEO of Baptist Health; Judy Henry, chair of the Baptist Health Board of Trustees; Cathy Owen, chair of the Baptist Health Foundation Board of Trustees; and Michael Rogers, director of Pastoral Care at Baptist Health. Troy Wells also currently serves on the board of Healthy Active Arkansas.

“Many things have changed over the last century for Baptist Health, but one thing has certainly not changed and that is staying true to the foundation of our faith-based healing ministry,” Troy Wells said. “We look forward to the next 100 years of progress and service to improve the health of Arkansans.”

To read the the full press release, please go here.

For more information about Baptist Health’s 100th anniversary or to share a story about how the health care organization has positively impacted you, visit BaptistHealth100.com.

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