Appreciation for What We Have

It is often hard during stressful times such as these to focus on the good. In our Mindfulness Matters session yesterday, Dr. Atkinson showed us how the practice of mindfulness for just a few minutes each day can help us be present, be still, and be appreciative of the things we have. Use the player […]

Relaxation Activities for Kids

Try out some of these relaxation activities with your kids each day to help ease stress and anxiety. The Lemon and Lazy Cat are just a couple of ideas from Save the Children US. Download the pdf to see more! #KeepMovingAR

Yoga For Bedtime

It is often difficult to quiet our minds and simply relax at the end of the day, especially when schedules are not normal and stress and anxiety levels are high. Put on your pajamas and end your day with some stretching or yoga. Dedicate a few minutes to take care of YOU! #KeepMovingAR

Mental Health Tips for Working Remotely

To everyone adjusting to the new normal of working from home, it is just as important to take care of your mental health as your physical health, for yourself and for your team. Check out the tips below! For SELF ACCEPT stress levels will be high Set BOUNDARIES between work life and home life – […]

Yoga In The Park

This is a great video designed for kids and families to do together.Take a break from the work and school week and relax the mind, stretch, and #KeepMovingAR!