July 2, 2021

Arkansas Office of Outdoor Recreation

Governor Asa Hutchinson and Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism announce a new Office of Outdoor Recreation.
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Last week, Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced the creation of a new Arkansas Office of Outdoor Recreation, which will exist under the leadership of Secretary Stacy Hurst in the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism (ADPHT).

“The Office of Outdoor Recreation provides critically needed support as we look to expand our recreational opportunities in Arkansas and contribute to the state’s tourism value,” Governor Hutchinson said. “These new outdoor recreation offerings illustrate the many opportunities at hand.”

The Arkansas Office of Outdoor Recreation will be tasked with identifying, developing, and executing collaborative opportunities to bring together interested stakeholders to promote the state, its unique natural resources, and opportunities to experience the complete range of recreational experiences including fishing, trail activities, cycling, and more.

“If there’s one thing the pandemic has made clear, it’s that people need the freedom of the outdoors for their health, quality of life, and peace of mind, and it helps attract businesses and families to create thriving, livable communities,” said Secretary Hurst. “I am looking forward to working with this team to enhance the state’s economy and offerings for the public.”

Healthy Active Arkansas is excited about this endeavor because enhancing and supporting opportunities for outdoor recreation provides communities and those living in and visiting our state with safe and defined areas to be physically active and to enjoy the outdoors.

While Healthy Active Arkansas still focuses on the nine priority areas in its original framework, the initiative has shifted its focus to all efforts that promote and elevate community access to physical activity and community access to healthy foods. This addition to our state government structure will be great for promoting physical activity in the Natural State!


To learn more, please read the Governor’s press release about the Office of Outdoor Recreation.

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